About us


Since 1960 the family started to increase their work, therefore they started to cultivate olives tree in new areas , away of Fayoum. Because of that they are the pioneers who started to farm in Alex-Cairo Desert Road where you could see the best quality of olives in all Egypt.

Our plants are always free of pesticides that allow us to win the trust of our clients , So that, our products are exported to many countries.

The Company

Alshahed group offers quality products that match the world standards and has the versatility to meet the diverse demands of the market.
In addition to the green, black, pitted, sliced and stuffed olives and also another type of pickled vegetables , olive oil, sun flower oil , soya oil .

Our mission

Our mission to be the preference of consumer basic products. We strive to achieve the highest possible standards of quality and service in all areas of our business; by using a range of audited growers coupled with comprehensive goods-in and goods-out Quality Assurance procedures for our goods, and a highly trained team coupled with experienced management to ensure we provide a consistent and excellent service.

Our vision

Work on the growth of our market share, and development of our brands commercial industry to help us to spread in the local and international market.